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We offer some of Christian Countyís Finest Guided Whitetail Deer and Spring Turkey Hunts at Working Manís Rates!

Now Booking 2012 Whitetail Trophy Hunt Dates!

Update August 8, 2012:
















Hunting Report from the Deer Camp

I returned from farm on† July 29, 2012 this trip was to primarily check on foodplots and fill deer feeders.† The deer had already started† hitting the feeders hard and devastated the mineral sites.† We had to refill feeders with over 2000# and refreshed all or our mineral sites.† The corn fields looked great corn is 5-6í tall and the soybean crop† is coming along real good.† (just keep praying for more rain)!† Our fields of clover looked real good.† We also had a chance to spray more round up for the fall foodplot sites as well.† We were able to bush hog down some areas where we had already sprayed.† We should start preparing winter foodplots in July then plant them in late August-Sept.† Its gonna be another great year in Western KY.† Good Luck to everyone


First Bowhunt of the year:† Sept 1, 2012


If you are thinking about Booking a Hunt, we still have a Few Openings !

Call 478.256.3448 (Tommy) or

770.262.1374 (Chuck)


***We are Booking Up fast and expect to be Full after our Show Schedule.† KTB Limits the number of hunts available in order to Provide a Quality Hunting Experience. If you are thinking about booking a hunt or need more info be sure to call or email Today!


Working Manís Prices for the Hunt of a Lifetime!


Opening Weekend Bow Hunt Sept 1 for 3 days $1295.00


YOUTH RIFLE HUNT fills up quickly! Itís a Great opportunity to take your son or daughter and give them a great opportunity to kill a nice buck.† FIRST TIME modern firearm is used in KY during hunting season includes father/mother plus daughter or son hunt price is for 2 $895.00 DATES: Oct 13 & 14


EARLY MUZZLELOAD 2 day Bow hunt 2 day Muzzleload hunt Oct 11,12 bow 13,14 muzzleload $1495.00 muzzleload only $895.00.


PRE-RUT and RUT BOW HUNTS begin Oct 25 and end November 9 we have a few dates available in November








****All hunts are fully guided, and include: meals, lodging, field transportation, game care and stands.†


****All youth hunts include lodging and meals for 1 adult.


****Hunts can also be provided for self guided hunters, groups, handicap hunters and hunters with special needs

Kentucky Trophy Bucks

Now Booking 2012-13 Whitetail Trophy Hunt Dates!


Kentucky Trophy Bucks is dedicated to providing quality fully guided whitetail deer hunts and Eastern Gobbler Turkey Hunts in Christian County, Kentucky.† Our guided deer hunts and turkey hunts take place on privately owned farms or leased farms throughout Christian County, KY, Todd, Muhlenberg, Crittenden and Logan counties.† Presently we have just under 6000 ac. of trophy hunting land.†† Our farms consist of soybean fields, corn fields, crop fields, hardwood ridges and bottoms.† Our farms have consistently produced 130-160" bucks and some trophy bucks exceeding 190" and body weights in excess of 250 lbs...† A typical deer hunt or turkey hunt will begin well before daylight to get you prepared for the trophy hunt ahead.† As well as trophy deer hunt we also provide a trophy class turkey hunt for the elusive eastern turkey.† Kentucky gobblers range from 20-25lbs with some birds weighing in excess of 30lbs with good beard lengths and exceptional spur lengths.† You can check out the Kentucky Fish and Game website and Kentucky Afield for updated information on hunting in Kentucky.†† Kentucky Trophy Bucks also can provide you with self guided deer hunts and turkey hunts on private farms and lodging for your group.† We also offer youth hunts, special needs hunts and handicapped hunts.



Chuck Stephens 770/262-1374 email:††††

Tommy Haskins 478/256-3448 email:

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††† Bucks from 2011

Thanks for visiting Kentucky Trophy Bucks. 2011 was a very good year for us. We harvested good bucks from opening day until the last muzzleloader hunt in December.† We generally hunt a limited amount of dates which limits the number of hunters that we can hunt.† In 2012, we will hunt the opening week of archery season then take a break and hunt early muzzleloader season in October then we will take another break and hunt early November Rut bow hunting and then modern firearms starting on Nov. 10.† Here are some of the bucks killed in 2011

.† Early archery season opens Sept 1 it is your best opportunity to harvest a trophy class buck still in velvet at this time of the year bucks are still on summertime patterns for 2-3 more weeks.† Late October begins Rut activity bucks chasing bucks/ bucks chasing does as the weeks progress along the Rut becomes more exciting and a lot more action!† Then the Rut is in full swing by modern firearms season.